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2009 如何在职场中不断超越自我
As a society, we're obsessed with achievement. But what happens once you're considered objectively successful, with a great salary and a job that energizes you? It's easy to rest on your accomplishments and your way of getting work done, perhaps even feeling there's not much left to learn.


But in this economy, you can't www.pets12345.com back -- even though it might be tempting.


'Successful people fall into the trap of thinking they don't need to change anything because their behavior is working for them,' says Marshall Goldsmith, author of 'What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful.' 'Every time they get promoted...they get positive reinforcement even when certain skills are lacking.'

《今天不必以往:成功人士如何获得更大成功》(What Got You Here Won't Get You There: How Successful People Become Even More Successful)的作者戈德史密斯(Marshall Goldsmith)说,成功者往往会跌入一个陷阱,认为他们不需改变任何事情了,因为他们的办事方式行之有效。www.pets12345.com某些技能,每当他们得到提拔时,他们就会得到正强化。

Know Your www.pets12345.com


But examining where you might have shortcomings can make or break a career.


David Hale of Columbia, S.C., quickly rose to the top of the military police force and was granted the highly sought-after position of polygraph examiner with the Army Criminal Investigation Command.

南卡罗来纳州的黑尔(David Hale)很快就升为宪兵的头目,并得到了很吃香的美国陆军犯罪调查司令部(Army Criminal Investigation Command)测谎员的职位。

'I was my own biggest fan, and being cocky, I would try to force confessions from suspects either prior to or based on their exams,' he says. But he didn't take the time to understand that criminals are more likely to confess to people they like and trust. 'My results fell way below other examiners,' Mr. Hale says.


Mr. Hale didn't realize he needed to change until his boss transferred him and said that if his confession rate didn't increase, he would be fired. He studied forensic interviewing, worked on relating to subjects on an emotional level, and pursued courses in leadership, counseling and psychology. Eventually, Mr. Hale began to rise again in his career, and he became known as one of the top polygraph examiners anywhere.


Necessary Skills


Becoming as successful as you can be -- after you've already climbed part of the ladder -- means you need two things.


For starters, you need outstanding people skills: Listen carefully, think before you speak, reciprocate favors and manage conflicts diplomatically.


Second, you must regularly take a hard look at yourself and address your weak points. For example, if you have a communication issue with one person or a group of people, step away from the blame game and ask yourself, 'How can I be better?' Make sure people are honest with you by requesting feedback anonymously and confidentially.


If you're employed by a large organization, consider contacting human resources to see what training is available. You may have the opportunity to take leadership-development courses online or in-person for free.


But the most important thing to keep in mind is that just because you're skilled or talented in a particular area doesn't mean you should simply pass go and collect your $200.


I, for instance, was hesitant to work with a speaking coach because my audience evaluations didn't mandate it, but once I learned that the top speakers in the world -- from Tony Robbins to President Barack Obama -- have worked with coaches, I changed my mind.

比如,我曾犹豫是否与演讲顾问合作,因为我的听众评价显示我不必这样做,但当我得知世界上顶尖的演讲者──从罗宾斯(Tony Robbins)到奥巴马总统──都曾与演讲顾问合作时,我就改变了想法。

Says Mr. Goldsmith: 'Strong leaders don't coast.'