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Read the following text. Choose the best word(s) for each numbered blank and mark [A] , [B], [C] or [D] on ANSWER SHEET 1.

Computers are now being pushed into schools. We know that multimedia will make 21 easy and fun. Children will happily learn from 22 characters while taught by expertly 23 software. Who needs teachers when you've got 24 education? These expensive toys are difficult to use in the classrooms and 25 extensive teacher training. Sure, kids love video games 26 think of your own experience : can you 27 even one educational filmstrip of many years ago? I'll 28 you remember the two or three great teachers who made a 29 in your life.

Then there's cyberbusiness, We're promised 30 catalog shopping - just point and click for great deals. We'll order airline tickets 31 the network, book restaurants and negotiate sales 32 Stores will become obsolete. So how come my local mall does more 33 in an afternoon than the entire Internet 34 in a month? Even if there were a trustworthy way to 35 money over the Internet, the network is 36 a most essential ingredient of trade and commerce : salespeople.

What's absent from this electronic wonderland? People contact. Computers and networks 37 us from one another. A network chat line is a limp 38 for meeting friends over coffee.No interactive multimedia display comes 39 to the excitement of a 40 concert. This virtual reality where frustration is legion and - in the holy names of Education and Progress - important aspects of human interactions are relentlessly devalued.

21. [A] schoolwork [B] exercise [C] teamwork [D] research
22. [A] stimulated [B] animated [C] developed [D] interested
23. [A] guided [B] prepared [C] tailored [D] sold
24. [A] computer-aided[B] computer-presented[C] computer-designed[D] computer-develope
25. [A] promise [B] introduce [C] encourage [D] require
26. [A] but [B] just [C] and [D] therefore
27. [A] appreciate [B] recall [C] comment [D] produce
28. [A] recommend [B] guess [C] bet [D] urge
29. [A] result [B] mark [C] impression [D] difference
30. [A] immediate [B] free [C] versatile [D] instant
31. [A] over [B] with [C] by [D] in
32. [A] decisions [B] agreements [C] contracts [D] plans
33. [A] communication [B] commerce [C] business [D] program
34. [A] reserves [B] handles [C] subscribes [D] transmits
35. [A] mail [B] deposit [C] send [D] save
36. [A] missing [B] disappearing [C] expelling [D] retaining
37. [A] dismantle [B] confine [C] discriminate [D] isolate
38. [A] occasion [B] substitute [C] change [D] compromise
39. [A] near [B] up [C] close [D] back
40. [A] life [B] alive [C] living [D] live


22.B解析】animate“使有生气”,animated“栩栩如生的,动画的”,animated cartoon“动画片”。character除了最常用的表示“人的性格、气质”外,“字体、符号、人物”也很常用,如Chinese character“汉字、方块字”。本句意为孩子们愿意多媒体中的动画字或人物来教他们学习。stimulate“刺激、激励”,如:stimulate the economy “刺激经济”。developed“发展的”;interested“有趣的”。
24.A解析】computer-aided“由电脑辅助的”。本句意为既然你已经接受了由电脑辅助的教育,那谁还需要老师呢?computer-presented “以电脑方式呈现的”;computer-designed“电脑设计的”;computer-developed“电脑开发的”。
27.B解析】recall“回想”。本句意为你还能回想起多年前的教学影带吗?哪怕只有一部。appreciate“欣赏”,如I appreciated his abilitiesin this job.我欣赏他的工作能力。“感激”,如I appreciated hishelp,我感谢他的帮助。comment“评论”,如no comment“无可奉告”。produce“生产”。
28.C 解析】bet“打赌”。本句意为我敢打赌你肯定记得让你的生活产生了重大变化的那么两三个好老师。recommend“推荐”,如Can you recommend me a good book'?可以推荐我一本好书吗?urge “极力主张,强烈要求”,如He urged on his wife to quit her job.他强烈要求妻子放弃工作。
29.D解析】make a(big)difference“不同,发生变化”。尽管make和4个答案都可以搭配,但从词义来看应选difference。make a result“产生结果”;make a mark“作个标记”;make an impression on “给…留下印象”。
30.D解析】instant“即时的,快速的”,如instant coffee/noodle“速溶咖啡/即食方便面”,instant shoppin9“即时购物”;instant catalog shopping就表示电脑上列出了各种目录清单,点一下购物就完成。本句意为网络保证了我www.pets12345.com要查一下目录,轻轻一点,交易就在瞬间完成。immediate表示动作的快速,而instant表示动作持续时问的短暂。versatile“多才多艺的,多功能的”,如versatile performer“多才多艺的演员”。
31.A解析】0ver the network固定搭配,下文已经给出了0ver the Internet由此可以推测。
32.C解析】negotiate a contract“洽谈合同”,固定搭配。agreement也有“合同、协议”的意思,但我们常说enter into an agreement“达成协议”。
33.C解析】do business“做生意”。commerce也有“生意、贸易”的意思,但不与d0搭配。
34.B解析】handle=deal with sth.“处理某事”。handle business“处理生意”;handle difficulties“对付困难”;reserve“预定”,如reserve a table at a restaurant“在饭店预定张桌子”;reserve your strength “保留力气”:transmit“传播”,如transmit a signal“发送信号”;subscribe“注册”。
35.C解析】mail“邮寄”,后面已经提到'r over the internet所以肯定不能用mail。deposit“储存、储蓄存款”。从词义来看只能选send。本句意为即使互www.pets12345.com靠的方式来转移资金,但是网上缺少一个最主要的商贸元素:营销人员。
36.A解析】missin9“缺少的”;expelling“强迫的,迫使的”;retaining “保留的”,从题意来看只能选missing。
38.B 解析】substitute“替代品”。本www.pets12345.com天仅仅是不能和朋友见面喝咖啡的一种无可奈何的替代品。occasion“场合”;compromise“妥协、让步”。
39.B解析】come up t0“达到”,固定词组。本句意为多媒体展示的效果再好也永远不可能达到现场音乐会的效果,让人那么激动。