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Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and Mark A,B.C or D on ANSWER SHEET 1.
Most young people enjoy physical activities,walking,cycling,football,or mountaineering.
These who have a passion_26_climbing high and difficult mountains are often 27 with astonishment why are men and women 28 to suffer cold and hardship,and to 29 on high mountains? This astonishment is caused,probably,by the difference between mountaineering and other forms of activities 30 which men give their leisure.
There are no man—made rules,as there are for 3l games as golf and football.There are,of course,rules of different kinds which it would be dangerous to 32 ,but it is this freedom from man—made rules 33 makes mountaineering attractive to many people.Those who climb mountains fire free to use their own 34 .
If we 35 mountaineering with other more familiar sports,we might think that one big difference is 36 mountaineering is not a “team work”.However,it is only our misunderstanding.There are,in fact,no“ matches” 37
“teams” of climbers,but when climbers are on a rock face linked by a rope on which their lives may 38 ,0bviously,there is teamwork.
A mountain climber knows that he may have to fight with natural 39 that are stronger and more powerful than man.His sport requires high mental and 40 qualities.
A mountain climber 41 to improve on skill year after year.A skier is probably past his best by the age of thirty,and most international champions 42 in their early twenties.But it is not 43 for men of fifty or sixty to climb the highest mountains in the Alps.They may take more 44 than younger men,but they probably climb with more skill and less 45 of effort,and they certainly experience equal enjoyment.

26.[A]for [B]in [C]to [D]of
27.[A]looked up to [B]looked forward[C]looked into [D]looked upon
28.[A]willing [B]reluctant [C]unwilling [D]probable
29.[A]take pains [B]run risk [C]take a risk [D]make efforts
30.[A]to [B]with [C]for [D]towards
31.[A]so [B]various [C]different [D]such
32.[A]apply [B]worry [C]ignore [D]notice
33.[A]which [B]that [C]how [D]why
34.[A]methods [B]form [C]rules [D]activities
35.[A]correlate [B]relate [C]compare [D]contrast
36.[A]for [B]what [C]which [D]that
37.[A]within [B]from [C]beyond [D]between
38.[A]exist [B]go [C]depend [D]confide
39.[A]strength [B]storms [C]powers [D]forces
40.[A]physician [B]physical [C]physiological [D]psychological
41.[A]tries [B]continues [C]wants [D]decides
42.[A]will be [B]appear [C]are [D]is
43.[A]unusual [B]normal [C]common [D]strange
44.[A]strength [B]efforts [C]energy [D]time
45.[A]shortage [B]lack [C]rubbish [D]waste


26.A解析】此题考查词语搭配。have a passion for th.为固定搭配,意为“对…有强烈的感情、爱好”
27.D解析】此题考查动词短语的搭卧!和对文意的理解。A项look up to意为“仰慕,尊敬(某人)”;B项look forward意为“期待,盼望”,与介词to搭配;C项look into意为“调查(问题、罪行等)”;只有D项look upon(又作look on)有“把…看作,把…视为”之意,符合原文的意思。
29.C解析】此题考查短语辨析和对文意的理解。B项run risk意勾“冒险”,有被动地处于危险之中的意思;C项take a risk也为“冒险”之意,但不同于B项,这里有明知道有危险也要主动去冒险的意思。根据上下文推测,既然登山者愿意遭受严寒克服困难应该是主动去冒险。
30.A解析】give leisure to sth.的意思是“把空闲时间用于…”。
31.D解析】此句的意思是“像高尔夫和足球那样的游戏”,因为词性不同,当修饰单数名词时,so的用法是so+adj+a(n)+n.,如so tall a man;而such的用法是such+a(n)+adj,+n.,如such a beautiful girl。
32.C解析】此句意为“不遵守规定登山会很危险”。C项ignore “忽视,不理”,最符合题意。
33.B解析】此题考查对语法句型的掌握。“It is…that…”为强调句型
35.D解析】此题考查词义辨析。C项compare with意为“与…比较”;D项contrast with意为“对比,对照”,指比较某一物与另一物,以显出它们相异之处,出现明显的差别。此句后面有“one big difference”。
38.C解析】此题考查词义辨析。depend on sb.or sth.指“需要某人或某物的支持和帮助”,文章的意思是“他们的生命取决于一根绳索”。且depend与介词on搭配。
41.B解析】此题考查对文意的理解。根据此句后面的year after year,此处应选有“持续”之意的动词B项。
42.C解析】系动词be+in+one’s twenties表示“在某人二十多岁时”。因为主语是名词复数,故选C。