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PETS4 翻译精选50题(1)
1) I was scared of leaving the protective bubble of this place for places unknown,during www.pets12345.com times.

2) You are the only one who can answer that,But what I can offer as guidance,and reassurance,is a story:the story of one Stanford graduate's process of stumbling and searching to find a place in the world,oftentimes in the face of her fears.

3) The philosophics and ideologies themselves certainly left an impression on me.But the rigor of the distillation process,the exercise of refinement,that's where the real learning happened.

4)When you graduate from here,you exit with thousands of pages of personal text on which are inscribed beliefs and values shaped by years of education,family interactions,relationship,experience.

5)I had convinced myself that my analytic mind and my Stanford humanities degree were enough to guell the fear.

6) We all know that normal human daily cycle of activity is of some 7-8 hours' sleep alternating with some 16-17 hours' wakefulness and that,broadly speaking,the sleep normally coincides with the hours of darkness.

7) The case ,for example,with which people can change from working in the day to working at night is a question of growing importance in industry where automation calls insistently for round-the-clock working of machines.


8) This means that no sooner has he got used to one routine than he has to change to another,so that much of his time is spent neither working nor sleeping very efficiently.

9) One answer would seem to be longer periods on each shift,a month,or even three months.

10) The only real solution appears to be to hand over the night shift to a corps of permanent night workers whose nocturnal wakefulness may www.pets12345.com weekends and holidays.

11) The first two stages in the development of civilized man were probably the invention of primitive weapons and the discovery of fire,although nobody knows exactly when he acquired the use of the latter.

12) Animal have a few cries that serve as signals,but even the highest apes haven't been found able to pronounce words,even with the most intensive professional instructions.

13) Agriculture made possible an immense increase in the number of the human species in the regions where it could be successfully practised.

14) These inventions and discoveries---fire,speech,weapons,domestic animals,agriculture and writing---made the existence of civilized communities possible.

15) There was progress---there were even two inventions of great importance,namely gunpowder and the mariner's compass---but neither of these can be compared in their revolutionary power to such things as speech and writing and agriculture.

16) Growth in electronic commerce is not a straight line trend---it come slowly at first,then accelerates rapidly.

17) Nonetheless,although it may take six years to reach sales of 1 trillion dollars,it won't take six more to reach 2 trillion,nor perhaps even two to expaned from 2 to 4 trillion dollars.

18) www.pets12345.com will turn the world into one giant shopping mall for products,services,and investments.