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At Brian Bader's orientation for a tech-support job with Apple Inc. three years ago, he says, human-resources managers ran down the list of guidelines workers were expected to follow. Don't use explicit language on calls with customers. Treat other employees with respect. And, he says, they told the assembled recruits, don't discuss your pay with co-workers.
布莱恩•巴德(Brian Bader)回忆说,三年前他在苹果公司(Apple Inc.)参加技术支持岗位的培训时,人力资源经理曾逐一历数了员工应当要遵守的一系列准则。比如说,与客户通话时不要使用露骨语言,对同事要尊重。他还说,人事经理告诫聚集一堂的新员工,不要与同事讨论自己的工资。

That last requirement backfired. 'It just made me more curious,' said Mr. Bader, 25 years old, who had been offered $12 per hour. Throughout the day's breaks, he surveyed his new colleagues about their wages, and learned that everyone was earning somewhere between $10 and $12 per hour. Apple declined to comment on internal policies.

That information became the basis of his decision to leave his job just three months later, after he realized -- thanks to the performance data managers shared with their teams every week -- that he was twice as productive as the lowest performer on the team, yet earned only 20% more.

'It irked me. If I'm doing double the work, why am I not seeing double the pay?' said Mr. Bader, who is about to graduate from California State University, Sacramento.

巴德说:“那让我有些恼火。如果我干的活是别人的两倍,那我的工资怎么不是别人的两倍?”他即将从加州州立大学萨克拉门托分校(California State University, Sacramento)毕业。

Comparing salaries among colleagues has long been a taboo of workplace chatter, but that is changing as Millennials -- individuals born in the 1980s and 1990s -- join the labor force. Accustomed to documenting their lives in real time on social-media forums like Facebook and Twitter, they are bringing their embrace of self-disclosure into the office with them. And they're using this information to negotiate raises at their current employer or higher salaries when moving to a new job.

Not surprisingly, many firms want to keep salary information private. They hope to retain the upper hand on salary negotiation and hope to keep flawed or even discriminatory compensation systems under wraps.

But for workers, information is power, and young people recognize this. 'People are much more willing to talk about pay than they were even 10 years ago,' says Kevin Hallock, director of the Institute for Compensation Studies at Cornell University and author of the 2012 book 'Pay: Why People Earn What They Earn and What You Can Do Now to Make More.'
然而,对于员工而言,信息就是力量,年轻人也意识到了这一点。康奈尔大学(Cornell University)薪酬研究所(Institute for Compensation Studies)主任凯文•哈洛克(Kevin Hallock)称:“大家比10年前还要更愿意谈论工资。”哈洛克也是2012年出版的《关于工资的二三事:如何提高你的工资收入》(Pay: Why People Earn What They Earn and What You Can Do Now to Make More)一书的作者。

Still, revealing pay can be risky business.

Pay differentials, when www.pets12345.com, can engender resentment, envy and dissatisfaction among workers. One 2012 study by researchers at University of California, Berkeley and Princeton University examined more than 6,400 University of California employees once they became aware of a database listing staffers' salaries. Employees who were paid below the median were unhappy once they learned their colleagues' pay and were more likely to look for other jobs.
薪资差距一旦公之于众,可www.pets12345.com发怨恨、妒忌和不满。加州大学伯克利分校(University of California, Berkeley)与普林斯顿大学(Princeton University)的研究人员在2012年展开的一项研究中,调查了6,400名加州大学的毕业生在知道了一个列出员工工资的数据库后的反应。薪酬低于中值水平的员工一旦了解到其他同事的工资后会心生不满,更有可能去寻找其他工作。

While some of this information -- such as salaries of certain state employees -- has long been a matter of public record, the Internet has made it far more accessible, too, says Mr. Hallock. Sites where people post salaries and other feedback about employers, such as Glassdoor.com, also contribute to the sense that pay is no longer a private issue.

When Dustin Zick, 25, was ready to leave his job in 2012 as a social-media specialist at BuySeasons Inc., a Milwaukee-based online retailer, he compared notes with 'five or six' trusted co-workers www.pets12345.com found most of them happy to divulge.
去年,在准备从密尔沃基(Milwaukee)的网络零售公司BuySeasons辞去社交媒体专员的工作时,达斯汀•齐克(Dustin Zick)与“五六个”信得过的同事交换了他们的工资信息,他发现他们中的大多数人都乐意透露。

Several of his colleagues, also looking for new opportunities, strategized together about what salaries they were aiming for and how to negotiate to get there. The conversations helped www.pets12345.com target salary at his new position as a social-media manager at a hospitality company, he says.

'There's a culture of transparency in my generation,' he says. And 'the younger you are, the more likely an employer will try to get you for cheap. So to know what your peers are making benefits all parties involved, except maybe the employer.'