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12年3月全国英语等级考试二级真题 - 1
1. What is the woman doing?
A.Buying a handbag.
B.Trying on a piece of clothing.
C.Drawing a picture of the countryside.

2. What is the possible relationship between the speakers?
A.Family members

3. What is the man angry about?
A.Telephoning while driving.
B.Some women drivers.
C.Traffic lights.

4. What does the woman mean?
A.She will choose the man.
B.The man was late in asking.
C.She may run for the position.

5. What does the woman want the man to do?
A.Set up a museum.
B.Start doing exercise.
C.Stop buying cameras.

6. How will the man's brother go to South America?
A.By ship.
B.By plane.
C.By train.

7. What will the man probably buy for his brother?
A.A toothbrush.
B.A silk tie.
C.A clock.

8. Where is Rick working now?
A.In a travel company.
B.In a hotel.
C.In a law office.

9. How does Rick feel about his trip?

10. When will Rick leave?
A.In three days.
B.In a week.
C.In a month.

11. What do we know about the grandmother?
A.She lives by herself.
B.She's as healthy as before.
C.She often does some cleaning.

12. How long has the grandmother lived in Kentucky?
A.Since her husband died.
B.Since she was married.
C.Since her son moved away.

13. What does the grandmother enjoy about her present life?
A.Being busy with housework.
B.Being with relatives.
C.Being with friends.

14. What was the woman talking about at beginning of the conversation?
A.Her story of completing a task.
B.Her experience of being lost.
C.Her trip abroad.

15. What did the man do in the bar in Germany?
A.Met his friends.
B.Attended a lecture.
C.Gave a performance.

16. How did the man find his way back to bar?
A.By following a man.
B.By looking at a map.
C.By asking an old woman.

17. What do we know about the man?
A.He cannot stand the noise in the bar.
B.He doesn't like to wear T-shirts.
C.He doesn't speak German.

18. Who is the speaker?
A.A radio announcer.
B.A police officer.
C.A taxi driver.

19. What makes driving a taxi a hard job in London?
A.Bad traffic.
B.Confused street names.
C.Large pollution in London.

20. What will the speaker probably do if he's stuck on the road?
A.Have a map ready.
B.Be understanding.
C.Change directions.

Text 1
W: How do I look?
M: Not bad. Does it fit all right?
W: Uh, a bit tight around here.
M: I really like the color. It matches your handbag.

Text 2
W: We haven't seen much of you lately in the company. Have you been away on business?
M: No, I've been away on holiday. I've got a cousin in Edinbu.rgh.

Text 3
M: It drives me mad when people use their cell phones at the wheel.
W: Hmm. What happened?
M: I nearly had an accident because the woman wastalking on her cell phone while driving and didn'tsee the trafficlightsturnedred.Shenearlykilled me!

Text 4
M: Sarah, I'm prepared to run for class monitor, andI'm wondering if I, er...if I can count on your sup-port.
W:Oh, maybe if you had asked me earlier, but myroommate's running, too, and I've already promisedher that she had my support.

Text 5
W: Have you bought a new camera again? You're turning my flat into a camera museum!
M: I'll stop. I'll try. But I probably can't. I see a new model and my knees go weak!

Text 6
W: May I help you, sir?
M: Yes, please. I want to buy a personal gift for my brother. He's taking a trip to South America.
W: Is he going by ship or plane?
M: He's flying. My gift will have to be something light in weight. What can you suggest?
W: What about this tie? It's made of pure silk.
M: My sister already gave him one. I'd like somethingunusual. Let me look around.., oh, that clock looks nice, but...
W: Hey, here is a gift for the man who has everything.
M: Oh, a folding toothbrush! That's a wonderful idea! I'll take it.

Text 7
W: Have you heard that the boss of the law office whereRick works wants him to fly to Brazil and do amonth's work there?
M: That's nice. He will love it because everything willbe paid for, such as air travel, meals, hotel.., andthis is his first time to get out of the States.
W: Indeed. You won't believe how much he is lookingforward to it, and how much'his little sister admireshim! He's going to enjoy lying on the beaches whenwork is done, and he promised to buy his sistergifts.
M: Who else is going besides him?
W: He's going alone.
M: When will he be leaving?
W: He was told about it three days ago, and I think he'll leave in a week.

Text 8
M: Oh, who is the beautiful old woman in front of the house?
W: That's my grandmother.
M: Oh, then that must be your house in the background. Where is it?
W: No, that's my grandmother's house. She lives inKentucky. We live in Boston, about two-and-a-halfhour away by plane.
M: Then, does she live with your uncle or aunt?
W: No. Since her husband died, she has lived alone.M: Alone? But she is so old! Who takes care of her?
W: She takes care of herself, though she is 81 this yearand is beginning to slow down a little. She has acleaning lady who comes for a few hours a week toclean house and help with the shopping.
M: But isn't she lonely without family?
W: Of course not. She has lived in the same neighbor-hood since she was first married, so she knows allthe neighbors, young and old, and she has lots offriends.
M: Why doesn't she live with you? Don't you miss her?
W: Well, actually, we talk to her on the phone everyweek and visit her at least once a year, but we are busy with our lives and so is she. We love to haveher visit, but we all know that if she lived with us, we might not get along so well.

Text 9
W: And I realized we were completely lost, but at least we got there in the end.
M: Funny you should say that because, er, a similarthing happened to me one time when I was abroad.We were actually doing a concert in this bar in Ger-many.
W: Really?
M: I was actually about to appear on stage, you know, with the band, and I just thought, "I'll just go outfor a little walk and get some fresh air," cause ! had about half an hour before we had to go on.
W: Uh-huh.
M: And I went outside, you know, had a look around, walked around for a bit……, and then I decided to goback and, uh, I couldn't find it! It was about twominutes before we were supposed to start.
W: No, you're joking!
M: Yeah ! I thought, "Ah ! What am I gonna do?"
W: Could you ask for directions?
M: Well, I tried. I asked an old woman, but she didn't speak English, and I don't speak German...
W: Don't you? Oh, right.
M: And then, I realized I couldn't remember the nameof the bar, or the street it was on or anything. So,you know, I was in the middle of a town I didn'tknow, not knowing the language.., and luckily, Isaw someone wearing one of our T-shirts. He wasobviously going to the concert, so I sort of followedhim back to the bar.
W: Wow, that was lucky! Thank goodness !
M: And when I got there, the guys were like, "Wherehave you been? We thought you'd run out on us!"Anyway, we managed.

Text 10
(M:) Hello. I'm Callum Robertson, and this isLondon Life. In the program today, let me ask you aquestion first: What do you think would be the hardestjob in Britain? A police officer? Perhaps a deepsea fisherman? Well, no, according to recent research, being aLondon taxi driver takes that prize. It's really a hardjob, really difficult. One reason is the traffic. It's get-ting worse and worse in London. For most of us, if wehave to sit in a traffic jam for a few minutes, we getanxious. But imagine if you had to do that all day, every day as your job. What's more, passengers get into thetaxi and want to get from A to B as quickly as possible. They're in a hurry, and that makes things worse for thedrivers. To prepare for the test, would-be drivers haveto remember ways and places of interest around CentralLondon. This is an area which has about 25,000 streets.They need to be able to take passengers from A to Bwithout having to look at a map and without having toask for directions. It usually takes nearly three years topass the test, so it is also found in the research that partsof the brains of taxi drivers are actually larger than thosein the general population. It seems as if learning all thestreets and ways makes a part of the brain grow. Well,anyway, this is a most tiring job. Next time you're stuckin a traffic jam and feel mad, spare a thought for the taxidrivers, who have to spend most of their working life inthem.